The "Save to Tan-Tán" Chrome extension how-to

We are very excited about launching "Save To Tan-Tán", a Google Chrome extension that lets you save (we call it: to grab) references from your browser »

2015 year review

Hello, There have been a lot going on this year. For starters, at the begginning of 2015 Tan-Tán had just had been selected for the CreatiFI »

We got selected for a CreatiFI grant!

A few weeks back I wrote about us applying for the CreatiFI call for entries. Well, it turns out we were one of the 30 pre-selected »

Upgrading to Yosemite & Apache+PHP: Cool story brew!

I upgraded to Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) a few weeks back. And it all seemed pretty good... until I tried to look at some PHP »

Creati-what? The FIWARE dictionary

We just submitted our application for the CreatiFI open call for creative ideas. After a whole month of work to prepare the necessary documentation we are »

TuerCo > Hello World!

Our first GrrrOink! We love technology. We have done so for so long that everyone in the company has stories about it from the time we »